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  Quincy - North Quincy Football Hall of Fame

Updated 7/21/2011 - thanks to Cliff MacDonald (69) (F)
email cliff@oxford-advisors.com


    John "Butch" Mahoney
    Ken McPhee
    Jack Raymer

Statement of Purpose

The Quincy-North Quincy Football Hall of Fame was established to pay tribute to the legacy of this distinguished rivalry and to those individuals who best personify the spirit of competition and sportmanship which have come to be synonymous with the Annual Thanksgiving Game.

As criteria for induction, the Hall of Fame committee gives credence to preperation, determination, teamwork and dedication as values not limited to the game of football, but also as principle: to guide each individual throughout life.

As an orginazation, we strive to recognize those former players who, through their performance on and off the gridiron, impact today's Quincy and North Quincy football programs in such a positive fashion that these players might inspire to be the future of this hall of Fame.


2010 Officers:

Ron Ivil, President
Dick Lombardi, Vice-President
Joe Minukas, Secretary
Paul Picarski, Treasurer


(F)= Football,
(P)= Posthumously
(S)= Special


Ainsley, Mike Inducted 2004 ('88) (F)

Baldwin, Jim Inducted 1998('58)(F)
Bell, Bill 'Ding' Inducted 1992 ('??)(F)
Bellot, Desmond Inducted 2004 ('91) (F)
Bobertson, Bill Inducted 1991 ('??)(F)
Brown, Jack Inducted 2000 ('??)(F)
Bryan, Richard, Inducted 1993('??)(F)
Bryan, Walter, Inducted 1985 ('??)(S)
Butterfield, Kurt Inducted 1991 ('??)(F)
Burke, Dave Inducted 1985 ('??)(F)

Carroll, Lloyd V. Inducted 1993 ('47)(P)
Chrisom, Peter Jr. Inducted 2004 (S)
Cobban, Fred Inducted 1991 ('67)(F)
Cobban, Kevin Inducted 1994 ('??)(F)
Coleman, Ken Inducted 1989 ('??)(S)
Concannon, Joe Inducted 1994 ('??)(F)
Conley, Tom Inducted 2005 ('44)(P)
Constanino, Matt Inducted 2002 ('??)(F)
Cooke, Pete Inducted 1986 ('??)(F)
Cooke, Dr. Edward Inducted 2000 ('??)(F)
Crowley, Joe Inducted 1986 ('?)(F)
Craig, Ryan Inducted 1999('??)(F)
Curran, Bill Inducted 1984 (65?)(F)

DeSchamp, Paul Inducted 1989 ('65)(F)
Degan, Bill Inducted 1994('68)(F)
DiBella, Al inducted 2001 ('??)(F)
Dibona, Leo Inducted 1998 ('??)(F)
DiPaolo, Bill Inducted 1996 ('67)(F)
DiPietro, Lou Inducted 2003('??)(F)
Dieso, Steve Inducted 2005 ('69)(F)
Dodd, Frank Inducted 2001 ('??)(F)
Doherty, Brian Inducted 1986 ('??)(F)
Doherty, Bob Inducted 1995 ('??)(F)
Donahue, Jack "Coach" Inducted 1984 ('??)(S)
Dunlop, Dan Inducted 1988('??)(F)
Dudek, Joe Inducted 1992('??)(F)

Eastman, Dean Inducted 1996('??)(F)
Ericson, Bill Inducted 1996('??)(S) F

Fay, Jim Inducted Inducted 1987 ('??)(F)
Fisher, Hank Inducted 1999('??)(F)
Fitzgerald, Tom Inducted 1987 ('??)(F)
Flynn, John Inducted 1987 ('??)(S)
Frazier, Ralph Inducted 1995 ('57)(F)
Frizzell, Ron Inducted 2005('74)(F)

Gilbody, Ed Inducted 1998('??)(F)
Gilbody, Jack Inducted 1996('??)(F)
Gillmartin, Tom Inducted 1991 ('??)(S)
Goward, Buddy Inducted 2002 ('??)(F)
Graham, Leo Inducted 1996 ('??)(F)
Grutchfield, Doug Inducted 1996('57)(F)

Hannon, Jack Inducted 2005 ('85)(F)
Hanson, Bill Inducted 1988 ('??)(F)
Harding, Howie Inducted 1994 ('??)(F)
Higgins, Liam Inducted 2004 ('93) (F)
Holmes, John Inducted 2004 ('68) (F)

Jago, Al Inducted 1985 ('??)(F)
Johnson, Don Inducted 1994 ('??)(F)
Johnson, Bob Inducted 1997('??)(F)

Kelly, Dennis Inducted 1995 ('68)(F)(PP)(96-97)
Kelly, Tom Inducted 1988 ('59)(F)
Kelly, Jack Inducted 2000 ('??)(F)
Kelly, Steve Inducted 2002 ('??)(F)
King, Charlie Inducted 1999('??)(F)

Lacey, Fran Inducted 1988 ('66)(F)
Lacey, Tom Inducted 1992 ('??)(F)
Laing, Bob Inducted 1999('67)(S)
Leone, Carl Jr. Inducted 1990 ('??)(F)
Leone, Jack Inducted 1997('??)(F)
Lucier, John Inducted 2001 ('67)(F)
Luchini, Leo Inducted 1986 ('??)(F)
Lundy, Bob Inducted 1997('??)(F)
Lyons, "Bo" Robert Inducted 1984('??)(F)

MacDougall, Bill Inducted 2003 ('??)(F)
Magnarelli, John Inducted 1986 ('67)

Mahoney, Brian P. Inducted 2002 ('??)(F)
Mahoney, Dan Inducted 1987 ('??) (F)
Mahoney, Dave Inducted 1998('??)(F)
Mahoney, Kevin Inducted 2001 ('??)(F)
Mahoney, John Inducted 1985 ('??)(F)
Maskilieson, Tom Inducted 1989 ('??)(S)
Mayer, Dan Inducted 1998 ('??)(F)
Mathurian, George Inducted 1989('??)(F)
McElaney, Ed Inducted 1993 ('??)(F)
McPhee, Edna Inducted 2004 (P)
McPhee, Dan Inducted 1990 ('??)(S)
McPhee, Ken Inducted 1985 ('68)(F)
McNamara, Matt Inducted 2000 ('??)(F)
Meyer, John Inducted 2003 ('??)(F)
Minuskas, Kathy and John 2003(S)
Miller, Edwin Inducted 1992 ('??)(S)
Moynihan, Steve Inducted 1999('??)(F)
Morton, Bob Inducted 1988 ('??)(F)

Mulligan, John Inducted 1995('??)(F)
Moscardelli, Vin Inducted 1999 ('??)(S)

Nolen, Bob "Nobby" Inducted 1996('??)(S)  


Penzo, Vincent Inducted 1990 ('??)(F)
Pettinelli, John Inducted 1991('??)(F)(PP)(92-94)
Phinney, Bill Inducted 1990 ('??)(F)


Reinhart, Dave Inducted 2005 ('93)(F)
Richards, Robert "Butch" Inducted 1993 ('??)(F)
Rodgers, Leroy "Curly" Inducted 1984 ('??)(S)
Rodriguez, Lauren Inducted 2004 (C)
Rougvie, Fran "Brud" Inducted 1989 ('??)(S)
Rizzo, Charlie "The Barber" Inducted 1995 ('??)(S)

Sargent, Ken Inducted 1989('??)(F)
Segalla, Glen Inducted 1996('??)(F)
Sleeth, Bob Inducted 1996('69)(F)
Strazzula, Frank Inducted 2004 ('76) (F)
Sweeney, "Babe" Bill Inducted 2003 ('??)(F)
Swindler, Ed Inducted 2003 ('??)(F)
Swirbalus, Ed Inducted 1995 ('??)(S)

Trudeau, Edward Inducted 2004 ('55) (F)

Vena, Ed Inducted 1990 ('68)(F)
Varney, Peter Inducted 1985 ('66)(F)

Wagner, George Inducted 1996('??)(S)
Walsh,Bill Inducted 1993('??)(F)
Walsh, Jamie Inducted 2005 ('81)(F)
Wallace, George "Spike" Inducted 1992('??)(F)
Warnless, Rich Inducted 1987 (65?)(S)
Willis, Lang Inducted 1993('65)(F)
Whitelaw, Robert, "Scott Inducted 1984 ('??)(F)
Wray, Ron Inducted 1990 ('??)(F)

Yacubian, Dr. Allan 'YAKOO' 1985 (S)
Yacubian, Arthur Inducted 2001 ('??)(F)

Zoia, Dean Inducted 1995 (F)
Zoia, Pete "Mr. North Quincy" Inducted 1984 (F)(PP) (84-86) Student Athelete, Coach, Father, Grandfather, LEGEND R.I.P. December 12, 2004.
Zoia, Ron Inducted 1992 (F)


Source: http://nqrr.tripod.com/hof.html

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